We offer classes in Ballet, Tap and Jazz and Hip-hop for all ages. Classes are held at the Masaryk Cowan Community Centre on Saturdays, and at the Sorauren Park Fieldhouse on Wednesday evenings.

Saturday Classes

  MC 1st Floor (Sun Room) MC 2nd Floor MC 3rd Floor (Studio)
9:30 Primary Hip-Hop (Alex) Primary Tap & Jazz (Steph) Pre-Ballet 1 (Alanna)
10:30 Junior Hip-Hop 1 (Alex) Junior Tap & Jazz 1 (Steph) Primary Ballet (Carolyn)
11:30 Intermediate Tap & Jazz (Alex) Junior Tap & Jazz 2 (Steph) Junior Ballet 1 (Carolyn)
12:30 Senior Tap & Jazz (Steph) Intermediate Hip-Hop (Alex) Junior Ballet 2 (Carolyn)
1:30 Pre-Ballet 2 (Alanna) Junior Hip-Hop 2 or Senior Hip-Hop (Alex) Intermediate Ballet (Carolyn)
2:30     Senior Ballet (Carolyn)
3:30   Senior Contemporary (Alex)  

Wednesday Classes

  Sorauren Park FH- Upper Studio
5:30 Junior Tap & Jazz (Alex)
6:30 Junior Hip-Hop (Alex)
7:30 Intermediate Hip-Hop (Alex)

Tapshoes and Tutus

 is a non-profit, co-operative dance school operating in the Masaryk Cowan Community Centre and the Sorauren Park Fieldhouse. Tapshoes offers instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop by Qualified Teachers. As a co-operatively run program, relying on the parents of students to perform certain duties, our fees are considerably lower than other dance schools. As a result, we are able to offer affordable dance instruction for children.  We also offer the British Association of Teachers of Dancing exam program to our students.